IU is a SEVENTEEN fan?!

In IU TV where it showed behind the scenes of the Golden Disc Awards, IU shared a lot of stories. She also showed the cute little mistake she made during her acceptance speech. But that is not all!

One moment in particular caused an uproar among fans. It was when IU showed support to SEVENTEEN.

In the clip, IU says: “I heard SEVENTEEN is performing so I came out to watch.”

Dispatch spotted IU watching SEVENTEEN. (source: Koreaboo)

It was also shown her dancing to SEVENTEEN while waiting for her to accept another award.

This was a cute few seconds but a lot of fans got really excited.


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Previously, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan asked to cover IU’s Love Poem directly to her. IU herself sent him the instrumental. IU uploaded a short clip from Seungkwan’s cover on Instagram and captioned it: “Wow, I was really touched by this cover. Thank you!”

Seungkwan commented: “Wow…. I’m more thankful that you watched it! I’ll do my best to sing.”

Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN’s tweet screenshot (source: Twitter)

It is also known among SEVENTEEN fans that Wonwoo is a big IU fan. He always puts her songs on his Spotify playlists.

Some fans of both SEVENTEEN and IU have wanted for SEVENTEEN to be IU’s Palette guests. IU’s Palette is IU’s show where she invites artists for an interview and performance. They also sing each other’s songs live!

Hopefully, the year 2022 will bring SEVENTEEN and IU fans what they want! And perhaps… even a collaboration? Stay tuned!

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