Friday, December 3, 2021

IU, Heize, Lee Mujin, Lim Young Woong to Perform in Melon Music Awards!

Updated November 24 KST. Three more artists have been announced for the Melon Music Awards 2021 lineup!

It was announced that Heize, Lee Mujin, and Lim Young Woong will perform at the main event of the Melon Music Awards 2021. All three artists are also nominated in many categories at the Melon Music Awards 2021, including the two main awards of the night: Artist of the Year and the Top 10.

The most anticipated, however, is IU. She will be singing her hit single, “strawberry moon”, for the first time through a completely live eight-member band version. This is also IU’s first appearance in the Melon Music Awards after nearly four years. For this year’s MMA, IU will be giving a performance with the theme of “a door connecting the end of her 20s with the beginning of her 30s”.


Image source: pds.joongang.co.kr

The last time IU attended the Melon Music Awards was in 2017. She won Best Album of the Year, Best Song Writer Award, and Top 10 Artists at Melon Music Awards 2017 after releasing “Palette” and “A Flower Bookmark 2” that same year. She also touched many people through performances of the famous “Through The Night” but mostly, “Dear Name” with a choir of around 60 people who dream of becoming musicians. 

A source from Melon commented, “The entire story will fit the story of artist IU, so it’ll feel as if you’ve come to an IU concert.”


Take a look at the nominees for MMA 2021 here!


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