IU as a Catalyst For Change

Catalyst for a change in South Korean Music Industry

As the pinnacle of the South Korean entertainment industry, IU has held many titles and achievements to her name. One of them is Forbes’ Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy: Catalysts for Change in their released 2019 list.

Forbes’ Heroes of Philanthropy list “honors billionaires, entrepreneurs and celebrities across the region who are committed to solving some of the most pressing issues facing the Asia-Pacific.”

IU got this title because of her good deeds for the people. Forbes also let it go on the record that IU is the youngest person to make the list. At the time, she has donated a total of 900 million won (about $800,000) to a variety of causes since 2018.

Not too long ago, IU celebrated her 13th anniversary debut with a generous donation of 425 million won to a charity. The donation included winter clothes, blankets, shoes and medicine to the less fortunate.

Many ways of being charitable

Besides donations, IU’s music helps fans who are going through things, including mental health struggles. Some of IU’s songs are written around being there for the people who are not doing well in their lives. That being said, IU’s presence as a singer is also a catalyst for many changes. She has inspired so many fans, non-fans, and fellow artists and her friends.

IU is also very thoughtful to use her platform to promote indie musicians, acknowledge hard-working artists and speak about the importance of mental health. She also actively puts posters of missing children at the end of all her YouTube videos.

That Forbes’ list was right! IU is an angel and South Korea’s princess and she will continue to be for a long time.

As IU said in her GDA speech: “I always fell down because of myself, but got up thanks to someone else. I’m still a lacking person, please hate & love me a lot, they’re all my driving forces.”

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