It’s TREASURE’s Mashiho Day! Fans Celebrate with Hashtag #OurCloverMASHIHOday


TREASURE member Mashiho turns 21 on Friday (25/3)! Fans celebrated on several social media, like Twitter with the hashtag #OurCloverMASHIHOday.


Fans came up with the hashtag #OurCloverMASHIHOday as Mashiho frequently draws four-leaf clovers on signatures, merchandise, and any piece of drawing.


In a fan-call event, Mashiho revealed to fans that the meaning of a clover represents happiness, where he wants fans to be happy whenever they see him.



A four-leaf clover also represents luck, hope, love, faith.


Mashiho celebrated his birthday with the other TREASURE members on a Livestream on the VLive application, where fans can celebrate his birthday together.



During the VLive, Mashiho is first accompanied by two dolls, a hamster and a Snoopy doll before the rest of the members join in to celebrate.


Mashiho, also affectionately called ‘Hamtori’ by fans as a nickname due to his resemblance to a cute hamster, and a hamster being Mashiho’s official representative animal.


Mashiho was born in Mie Prefecture, Japan, and trained for a total of 7 years under YG Entertainment since 2013.


Back in 2018, Mashiho participated in YG Treasure Box, which is a survival show from YG Entertainment as one of the first trainees from YG Japan.


Although Mashiho was not chosen as one of the main members for TREASURE (the main group) on January 29, 2019, he was told that he was placed in a second group newly formed from the show called MAGNUM.


Both TREASURE and MAGNUM would promote together as TREASURE 13 but then separated as two units.


However, in January 2020, YG Entertainment announced the integration of TREASURE 13 and MAGNUM as a single 12-member unit, called TREASURE.

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