It’s Sabo Day! Here are 5 Facts About him!

The blonde Revolutionary Army’s chief of staff celebrated his birthday on March 20! Sabo is popularly known as being the brother of Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace.


Here are 5 interesting facts about him!


  1. Mera-Mera no Mi

Continuing his brother, Portgas D. Ace’s legacy, Sabo inherited the same power as Ace by consuming the same devil fruit – Mera-Mera no Mi – after his brother’s death. 


With Mera-Mera no Mi, Sabo is able to conjure and shoot powerful pyrotic blasts and explosions, can transform into fire, and is immune to bullets and cannonball attacks. 


  1. Haki

Sabo is shown to be a proficient user of haki as he is capable of defeating one of the crew from the Blackbeard Pirates – Jesus Burgess. 


Sabo defeated other top-tier enemies, such as Issho (also known as Fujitora) who is a Navy Admiral during Dressora. 


  1. Beloved Unique Weapon

Sabo is always carrying his signature weapon, although it’s a little bit odd. Wielding an iron pipe ever since he was young, the metal stick has gone through thick and thin with him until adulthood.  


  1. Born into Nobility 

Sabo’s father, Outlook III is a noble, automatically making Sabo of noble blood. Although Sabo was born with a high status, he was subject to his father’s wishes for him to marry a princess for an heir.  


Rejecting his father’s wishes, Sabo ran away to pursue freedom as he was never given that choice from his father. 


  1. The Tallest of Three Brothers

Out of all the brothers in ASL (Ace, Sabo, and Luffy), Sabo wins as being the tallest. Although One Piece is known for having colossal characters, Sabo is the tallest amongst the three brothers with the height of 187cm, Ace being 185cm, and Luffy being 172cm. 

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