It’s NCT Taeyong’s Birthday! Here Are 5 Facts About Him.


Not only is this the beginning of July but also NCT Taeyong’s birthday! July 1, 1995, marks his 27th (or 28th in Korean age) birthday, with his birthday hashtags already trending on Twitter.

For Taeyong Day, fans and NCTzen have wished him a happy birthday on social media with the hashtags #HAPPYTAEYONGDAY, # LovelyFairyTAEYONGDay, and #태용이가_여는_칠월의_시작.


To celebrate NCT’s beloved leader, here are 5 facts about him!


1.      He loves Spongebob


Much like NCTzens who loves Taeyong, he’s also obsessed with Spongebob. From having a Spongebob painting on his wall to buying six Spongebob blind-bag figures in the hopes of getting Spongebob to end up getting a total of four Gary figures.


2.      He loves Studio Ghibli movies


Taeyong enjoys watching animated films including Studio Ghibli movies. He also mentioned that his favorite Ghibli movie is Howl’s Moving Castle. What a romantic!


3.      A true dog lover


Taeyong is a dog lover as he’s raised up to 10 dogs. Taeyong used to own different breeds of dogs, such as a Dalmation, a Husky, a Golden Retriever, and a Papillion named Ruby.


4.      He has written over 40 songs


Taeyong has also participated in writing lyrics as a songwriter for over 40 songs including “The 7th Sense”, “Boss”, “Baby Don’t Stop”, and “Love Theory”.


5.      He is also a solo artist

Other than being the best leader of NCT with 23 members (including himself), Taeyong has also released several solo songs, such as “Long Flight”, “Open the Door”, “Beautiful”, and more.



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