It’s NCT Jungwoo’s Birthday! Here are 6 Facts About Him

K-Pop idol Kim Jungwoo – from the famous SM Town Entertainment group NCT -just turned 24 on Saturday, 19th February.

In celebration of his birthday, here are 6 facts that you need to know about the male idol.

1. His astrological sign is a Pisces.

Born on February 19, 1998 makes him a Pisces. Pisces – a water element ruled by the planet of Neptune, gives characteristics such as being a hopeless romantic, imaginative, and very emotional.

2. He joined NCT a bit late.

It might come as a big surprise for newer NCTzens, but Jungwoo had his debut a bit later than the other members. NCT debuted in the year 2016, whereas Jungwoo officially joined the group in 2018 as a part of NCT 127.

3. Jungwoo owns a pet!

Jungwoo owns a Yorkshire Terrier named Obok – meaning “5 Kinds of Blessings”.

     4. He’s a fan of football.

His interests aren’t only limited to singing and dancing but football as well. His favourite soccer club is Manchester City, and has favourite players like Neymar.

     5. Mint-choco chip is his fave.

Despite popular opinion, he revealed that his favorite ice-cream flavor is mint chocolate chip on an interview with iHeart Radio.

6. He’s a part of 2 NCT sub-units 

Other than being a part of NCT that has 23 members, Jungwoo is also a part of NCT U, where he made his first appearance in the song and music video “BOSS” in NCT 2018 EMPATHY Album. Now, Jungwoo is active in the sub-unit NCT 127 in their newest comeback album Sticker.

How many new facts did you learn about NCT’s Jungwoo?

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