It’s International Kissing Day! Here are 5 Iconic Anime Kissing Scenes to Celebrate

International Kissing Day 2022 falls on July 6 – a special day to celebrate the act of kissing and small acts of love to your loved ones.

You don’t have to be in a romantic relationship as platonic kisses are also valid! International Kissing Day was first celebrated in the United Kingdom but is now celebrated universally as it’s also a universal gesture of affection.


To celebrate, here are iconic anime kissing scenes!

1.      Inuyasha & Kagome – Inuyasha

These soulmates finally have their kiss after defeating Naraku. In an act of love, Inuyasha blindly fights through hordes of demons in the abyss that traps Kagome due to the Shikon no Tama (Shikon Jewel) and finally meets his love. The long-awaited kiss finally frees them both from the endless darkness.


2.      Lelouch & C.C. – Code Geass

Lelouch and C.C’s bittersweet kiss unites them both against their tragic pasts – conquering both of their loneliness. They both remind each other that they’re not alone as it’s both of them against the world.


3.      Kirito & Asuna – Sword Art Online

The undefeated duo shares a desperate and passionate kiss after Kirito narrowly escapes death after being sabotaged by a fellow guild member.


4.      Ryuji & Taiga – Toradora

After episodes of complicated love and petty fights, Ryuji and Taiga finally kiss and admit their feelings for each other despite their contrasting personalities.


5.      Okabe & Mikase – Steins;Gate

One of the most heartbreaking anime also has one of the best kissing scenes with Okabe and Mikase’s kiss as the two scientists vow each other’s love.

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