It’s Hyunsuk Day! Here are 5 Facts About him to Celebrate!

Hyunsuk, also known as Choi Hyunsuk is one of the members of TREASURE from YG Entertainment and it’s his birthday on Thursday, 21 April!


Fans celebrate his birthday on Twitter as he turns 23 years old this year. Fans trended the hashtag #247FairyChoiHyunsukDay to celebrate his birthday.



Here are 5 facts about the leader and rapper!


1. His favorite color is purple


Hyunsuk’s favorite color is purple and you can often tell by his clothes where he wears purple graphic t-shirts and purple jackets. Hyunsuk’s TRUZ character, Chilli, is also an adorable cat who is wearing a purple suit.



2. He is a Taurus


Being born on 21 April, Hyunsuk’s astrological sign is Taurus, an Earth element. Taurus is known for being hardworking and dedicated, along with being dependable, which makes him a great leader.



3. His favorite FC is Real Madrid


Hyunsuk is a huge football fan as he dreamt of becoming a football player if he weren’t a K-Pop idol. You could often see him watch football matches on episodes of Treasure Map on YouTube and several posts on Twitter of him wearing a purple Real Madrid jersey.


4. 7chill is his trademark word


7chill is very meaningful for Hyunsuk as the sum of his birth date and month is 7. His birthday is on 21 April, which makes the sum of 4+2+1 equal to 7. “Chill” is from the Korean pronunciation of the number seven, which is “chil”. 7 is also Hyunsuk’s number when he first played football, and he also got introduced as the 7th member of Treasure.


5. He writes a lot of TREASURE songs


Not only is Hyunsuk a talented rapper, but he also participates in a lot of songwriting. Hyunsuk has participated in writing the lyrics for popular hit songs such as ‘BOY’, ‘I LOVE YOU’, ‘MMM’, ‘MY TREASURE’, ‘ORANGE’, ‘SLOWMOTION’, and many more!

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