It’s BTS ‘PTD ON STAGE SEOUL’ Day 2 and Fans Are Falling In Love Again with Suga


BTS ‘Permission to Dance on Stage: Seoul is already on its second day on Saturday (12/03) and fans are already gushing over Suga, causing the phrase “YOONGI MARRY ME” to trend in the K-Pop topic. 


‘Permission to Dance on Stage: Seoul’ is held in the Olympic Stadium, Seoul, and can also be watched in movie theaters for ARMY’s who were not able to attend the live concert.


It seems that video footage of Suga during ‘Permission to Dance on Stage: Seoul’ Day 2’s soundcheck has gone viral and caused the phrase to appear on Twitter’s Explore page.


The video footage and pictures are of Suga, also known as Min Yoongi, wearing an effortless outfit consisting of a matching set of black blazers and black trousers, a casual white shirt with, black and white Jordans, and black sunglasses to seal the look.



Another picture of the rapper walking down the hall backstage wearing the full head-to-toe outfit was released, and ARMY’s are going crazy over it.


ARMY’s are still gushing over Suga during the live concert, where the rapper wore a more colorful outfit that wasn’t monochrome. Instead, he was seen wearing a green patterned top with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath, with a big smile to ARMYs.


Even before the video and pictures of Suga went viral, ARMYs were already commenting “YOONGI MARRY ME” during live streams of the BTS members – even when Suga himself wasn’t present in the Livestream.


Several memes were already made due to the recent viral video, such as a meme of hundreds of brides chasing after one groom, where Suga’s face was edited on.

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