Many ladies are known for their big handbags and purses. Unlike men or young guys who would probably just tuck their wallets into their back pockets, and be on their way. Ladies tend to carry more things around which would definitely not fit into a wallet. A lady might have a wallet which she’ll still put in her handbag or a large purse.


I remember this aunt of mine who we used to tease about her handbag. We used to call her bag a store because you could find a vast number of items that she carried about. Items ranging from


  • Essential items like her phones, keys, money, Id cards,
  • Simple machines, like a bottle opener, hand fan, lighter, screwdriver, and nail cutter;
  • Eating utensils, like spoon, fork, and table knife;
  • Writing materials, including different types and colors of pen, pencils, and even markers;
  • Books, like her big bible for one, novels, notebooks;
  • Personal hygiene items, like soap, detergent, toothpaste, towels, and sanitary pads;
  • Even first aid items, you name it.


In her words, you never know what might come up and when you might need them. Lol!. She probably didn’t consider the fact that these items could be bought if needed, and she was just giving herself a burden carrying around things that she probably wouldn’t need at the end of the day.


Do you still have a problem knowing what and what not to carry??. Well! Here’s a summarized list to guide your choices. 


  1. Wallet. This will include your ID cards, money, and other essential cards.
  2. Make-up bag. If you’re not a make up person, a lip gloss should do. This will also carry hair items and accessories like safety pins or a brooch.
  3. Perfume.
  4. Phone, charger, power bank, and headphones.
  5. Keys
  6. Hand sanitizer and moisturizer.
  7. Wet wipes or tissues.
  8. Pepper Spray; is very important for every female across all age and race. The unfortunate events and happenings lately in the society demands it for safety precautions.
  9. Sanitary pads; You never know when your monthly visitor might decide to surprise you. Just hide away a pad or two in the little pockets of your bag.
  10. A pen and a wad of sticky notes.
  11. A portable umbrella; This will really help in situations when you’re caught up in sudden weather changes. In rain or sunshine, with an umbrella you’re good to go!.
  12. Aspirin, or whatever drug your health requires
  13. A water bottle
  14. Mint, chocolate, or snacks.


I hope this list helps you to keep your bag less bulky and prevent it from looking like a store like that of my aunt.

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