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Introducing the hidden charm of Toraha Infinity!

“TRAHA INFINITY”, which is being distributed from MOAI GAMES, is a work that depicts the story of the popular MMORPG “TRAHA” 200 years ago.

Most of the content of this work is automatic and easy to play, but did you know that there are places where pets have unexpected settings and where you can enjoy the fantasy world?

In this article, we will go into detail about the world view of “Toraha Infinity”, such as the visuals and scenery of vehicles that are usually difficult to pay attention to. We also received some character design materials for the operation of “Toraha Infinity”, so let’s introduce them together.

If you are playing this work and are interested in the design of pets and vehicles, please read it.

・The vast world of Toraha Infinity
・Archer’s character model is actually…?
・ Reliable vehicles that appear with cute things and ominous visuals

The vast world of Toraha Infinity

The story and hunting quests all proceed automatically, so I don’t usually get a chance to touch it, but the map of this work is actually quite large.

Looking at the whole map, you can see that it is divided into several regions, one of which, Samod, alone has a considerable amount of volume.


One of the ways to enjoy this work is to move your viewpoint while moving, and occasionally stop hunting to travel around the world.

When you open the map, places you haven’t been to yet will be displayed, so please visit various areas while sightseeing.


Of course, the monsters that appear will also change depending on the area, so it’s an ant to check the shape without attacking.

You can get a glimpse of the characteristics of the ecology from the way monsters appear and how they are densely packed, so if you want to fully immerse yourself in a fantasy world, check it out. It won’t attack unless you attack it, so let’s take a close look at it.


Since you can access shops from the menu screen, you don’t have to visit merchants, but the construction of bases and towns is also a highlight.

The best part about MMOs is that you can explore every nook and cranny that you wouldn’t be able to stop by with auto-progress, so why not stop by if you find a place that interests you while you’re on the move?


There are many other areas that are elaborately designed, such as dungeons, arenas, and infinite towers.

You may find unexpected scenic spots, so if you like shooting characters, it is recommended to check the location and find a point where you can take cute characters.

Highres Screenshot00014
Infinity Tower

Archer’s character model is actually…?

When creating this article, the development team provided us with design roughs for Reaper and Archer, so let’s introduce that as well.

Regarding the Reaper’s clothing design, the jacket, arms, and legs are reconstructed with reference to armor. She doesn’t wear a stiff outfit, but it feels sturdy, probably because it’s based on armor.

Reaper 1

What I would like to pay attention to in Archer’s design is the impression when viewed from behind. In fact, Archer’s model seems to be using the NPC of the summoning shop, and the back is just like that.

Archer 1
Archer 2

▲Looking at the NPCs in the summoning shop again, they certainly look a lot like Archer.

Reliable vehicles that appear with cute things and ominous visuals

Finally, let’s talk about vehicle design.

Vehicles, which are convenient entities that increase EXP and item acquisition rates just by registering, have animals that may have been their motifs, and their appearance changes according to their rarity.

The most obvious one is Navas, the horse who will help you in the early stages. In general, it looks like a simple white horse, but it gradually changes into a cool appearance by wearing armor. Vehicles obtained in the early stages can change their appearance greatly as they become higher rarities, so it’s fun to check them out in the picture book.


Borodon, a boar-like vehicle that can be obtained for the first time in a rare grade, eventually becomes a reliable figure with a whole body armored.

Other animals have undergone orthodox evolution while changing coloring and shining.


Creatures that look like a mixture of foxes and wolves rise in rank to Repin, Kion, and Shadow.

Shadow has an ominous appearance with a flame-like pattern, and a black shadow remains as a trail at his feet, making it look pretty cool.


The bear motif vehicle looks like a polar bear if it is a high grade, and the only grade is named Urja.

Urja is characterized by a body that shines orange in steel armor, and an appearance that is a little far from a living thing that electricity is emitted from the body. I’m curious as to how it came to be such an animal.


The deer ride starts with an orthodox appearance, and the only grade has a helmet of bones with horns that look like flames, and a design that makes you feel the motif of devils and hell.


What I want to pay attention to on the tiger’s ride is the armament attached to the saddle. All grades are equipped with weapons such as swords, giving them the image of warriors. If it is the only grade, it will be a jet-black tiger with glowing eyes, so it looks strong and reliable.


One of the unique designs among the vehicles is the Hestiel, which has a bird motif. It has an unbalanced bulging body against its gigantic legs, a head without a neck, and exquisite charm. Her charm point is round eyes.


Aside from horses, there will also be vehicles with long horns like unicorns.

In the rare grade, it has a black appearance and is different from the general image of a unicorn, but in the legendary grade, it transforms into a white horse. It’s a simple and cool vehicle, so it seems to be very popular.


By the way, you can choose the vehicle to use depending on its performance, but it is also possible to change only the appearance, so ride your favorite animal and run on the field.

This time, we introduced vehicles, scenery, and character visuals, but we plan to introduce pets, card designs, and settings in another article. We will also publish pet settings that can not be confirmed in the game, so please read that as well.

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