Is that true that milk can treat covid-19 infection

Is that true that milk can treat covid-19 infection 

Milk. (source: hellosehat).

Some time ago the media had been shocked by the news of a brand of milk hunted by the community. Some people believe, the milk can prevent and cure Covid-19. What is the fact?

Chairperson of the Covid Satgas-19 Doctors Indonesia Association (IDI), Prof. Zubairi Djoerban, confirmed that the milk could not cure Covid-19. In fact, in general all types of milk have more or less the same nutritional value. Except, sweetened condensed milk is considered to have low protein and height of sugar.

Although milk can be an important part of consumption of healthy food variations, claims that milk can prevent or cure the Corona virus is completely incorrect. As is known, milk contains lactoferrin and vitamin D which is indeed useful for Covid-19 survivors.

Lactoferrin and other minerals in milk.

Lactoferrin is a protein that can be found in milk and cow’s milk. This protein has several antimicrobial properties and research shows that lactoferrin transfers from mothers to infants through large breast milk may improve the immune system that is still developing.

Even though milk may not provide specific immune benefits to ward off the Corona virus, milk can be part of a healthy diet that will optimize the health and readiness of the body to fight infection in any form.

In addition to the components mentioned earlier, milk also contains vitamin A that helps the vision and health of the skin, calcium that helps maintain bone strength and help absorb vitamin D, vitamin B is important for energy metabolism, as well as several other important minerals.

It is recommended to consume two glasses of milk a day or equals to 400ml per day. This dose is enough to meet the needs of calcium, minerals, and daily proteins.

Apart from milk, you can also get vitamin D intake by sunbathing in the sun every morning. Take a 10-15 minute time to sunbathe so that the body can produce vitamin D in the body.

It is also important to be balanced with the consumption of vegetables and fruit to ensure the body’s metabolism is maintained.

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