Is that true british has revoked covid-19 pandemic

Is that true british has revoked covid-19 pandemic ? 
Covid situation in Britain. (source: duniatempo).

Mid January 2022, England is predicted to be the first country to successfully get out of the Covid-19 pandemic. As quoted by The Times, (11/1/2022), Public Health Expert London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicin, Professor David Heymann said, the level of the British community immunity at a very high level.

So, he predicts the Corona virus in the UK will be resolved and return to a normal distribution pattern such as other infections.

A few days ago the British government removed the mandatory mask, but it was still recommended to wear it in a closed room, when crowded, and meeting strangers.

Explanation of the epidemiologist answered this question, the Griffith University Epidemiologist Dicky Budiman said, the country’s pandemic was still far from the word finished.

“What is clear is a bad English management of his pandemal, from the start bad. Boris Jhonson from the leadership sides has a lot of science-based backing; but more so to restore the economy. That’s his priority, and this acts is already cause a lot of victims,” ​​explained Dicky.

He said, England became a developed country with the level of death, infection, and long covid. Which was highly high among other developed countries. “Imagine among developed countries, death in the UK due to Covid, one of the highest, including the case of the infection,” said Dicky. “Long covid is trailed one of them the highest in England,” he added.

Many cases of high child aged infection

The case of child infection is still high in addition. Dicky also describes the data that the case of Covid-19 infection in children in the UK is currently quite high. As of January 22, 2022, there are 5,424 cases of infection in a day that occur in children aged 0-4 years.

On the same day, cases of infection in children aged 5-9 years are 17,112 cases. Furthermore, he said, many patients were in British hospitals due to Corona infection. “At this time, half of those who were treated at the hospital yes because Covid,” he said. Dicky straightened out that this pandemic would not end.

“This pandemic will not end even though we say it ends. This virus will join the law of biology. This virus cannot be finished with us, it is finished,” Dicky said. One of the factors is that there is no clear collaboration between countries in the world when it comes in handling this pandemic.

“Because this world has not collaborated with strong synergy to increase its response, including more equivalent vaccinations evenly distributed,” said Dicky. There are still many countries that are being negligent with pandemic control efforts. This neglient nature will ultimately make the infection continue to occur; and the chance of the emergence of a new variant can easily breeding in the air. If this new variant is then exported to other countries, the pandemic will continue.

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