Is Stumble Guys The New Fall Guys?


Despite being released back on October 7, 2021, Stumble Guys is getting traction again after clips of several streamers playing the game popularized on the social media app TikTok.


At first glance, Stumble Guys seem familiar with the mini avatars and platform obbys. If you didn’t know, Stumble Guys is a multiplayer royale party game where up to 32 players compete against each other in randomized maps and win first place (and a crown) after successive eliminations each round.


Stumble Guys is pretty much a clone of Fall Guys, except that it’s free and you can also play the game on your phone.


The maps are also similar, with maps having the same variety of gameplay and mechanics including an obstacle parkour course, team mini-games, and survival games – Stumble Guys still have more variety with different map designs and more mini-games in general.


The UI for Stumble Guys is uncanny to that of Brawl Stars developed by Supercell. In Stumble Guys, players are also able to gain cosmetics, such as different skins with different rarities from spinning the wheel for free.


Although the maps and mini-games for Stumble Guys are still limited, it’s still addicting despite being a bit repetitive with the RNG aspect of picking the maps.


Meanwhile, Fall Guys remains the blueprint for party games during lockdown despite having many copycats. Fall Guys will also be free to play this June 21 on Steam and will also be available to play on the Epic Games Store and other consoles for cross-platform gameplay.

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