Is It Necessary To Wear Sunscreen Inside?


Sunscreen’s benefits and advantages are well known, especially at this time of year in the summer, but the question is, should you be using it indoors as well?


You should wear sunscreen indoors.  Why? You’re exposing yourself to possibly skin-damaging light if you’re sitting near windows or in front of a computer screen.

Indoors, there are three primary reasons why experts recommend wearing SPF, all of which have to do with what you’re exposed to: 


  • Ultraviolet A ray
  • Ultraviolet Brays
  • Smart devices, laptops, and televisions emit blue light.


According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, ultraviolet radiation, which can cause indications of aging such as loss of elasticity and wrinkles, “can penetrate through windows and cloud cover.” Unfortunately, not all windows have been coated to block the sun’s harmful rays.


Unless you’re in a room with no windows, you should apply sunscreen.

The blue light released by digital devices, such as your computer, phone, tablet, and television, can harm your skin in two ways.


According to experts: 


-Blue light can cause melasma and age spots by increasing the synthesis of melanin or pigmentation in the skin. 


-Blue light can also generate free radicals, which can cause inflammation and cause the skin’s collagen and elastic tissue to break down.


If you want to use sunscreen indoors, the next step is to determine which formulation is best for your skin type and the SPF requirements. Both chemical and physical blocks are UVA and UVB protective.


According to experts, as long as they’ve been branded SPF 30 or above and broad-spectrum. They should do the job and protect your skin from the harmful rays that are indoors and outdoors.


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