Is Eye Cream Necessary? What You Need to Know


Some skincare products are specifically formulated to address various concerns in the skin area of ​​the eye area. Eye cream, eye serum, eye patches, and eye sleeping masks, for example, are more specifically categorized as eye treatment products. These products are generally targeting the function of slowing down signs of aging that occur in the eye area such as the appearance of fine lines, as well as other problems such as puffiness and dark circles.


Some experts believe that using eye cream is necessary if you want to slow the signs of aging. Others, though, argue that it’s just a marketing trick and that it’s no better than a regular moisturizer. So, who is right? Is eye cream really necessary?


Here’s the explanation below.


Benefits of Using Eye Cream

The eye area has a thin tissue that makes it more sensitive than other parts of the body. This part also works very actively, considering the eyelids that blink more than a thousand times each day. The heavy work on the eyes makes the area require special treatment because often the skin in the eye area turns into dark circles, sensitive, dry, and forms eye bags.


This is the reason why it is necessary to use eye cream products other than because of its function as a moisturizer with anti-oxidant ingredients. Another function of eye cream is to help hydrate and reduce dark circles in the eye area. The advantage of eye cream is also because of its formulation which is specially made for the delicate skin around the eyes. Unlike normal moisturizers, eye creams usually target the cause of leaky blood vessels that are the source of problems such as aging, eye circles, or eye bags.


Should I Use Eye Cream?

Whether or not an eye cream is needed depends on the condition of your eye area skin, whether the skincare is sufficient for the skin in that area or not. As previously explained, if the eye area has thin skin tissue and is prone to irritation, of course, the treatment is different too. That’s why eye cream is necessary, especially if you have problems with the skin in the eye area. So, there’s nothing wrong with investing in eye cream. Moreover, the ingredient of eye cream is known to be gentle so it is suitable for dealing with various problems on the skin in the eye area.


Types of Eye Creams that are Safe to Use

Quoted from, a dermatologist said to look for an eye cream with the safest option. An eye cream that is free of artificial fragrance and is hypoallergenic is the right choice for use in the eye area with thin skin tissue. Creams with fragrances are at risk of causing irritation or allergies around the eye area.


Face Moisturizer that is Safe to Use as an Eye Cream

Dr. Sanches said further if the facial moisturizer that you usually use is only made to moisturize the skin and protect the skin to keep it moist, the product is safe to use. Unlike products that are claimed to treat acne or aging, these products should not be used in the eye area because they can irritate the skin.


The Right Time to Use Eye Cream

Regarding the right time, of course, there is no appropriate benchmark. However, if you are a person who has problems with sensitive skin or dark eye circles, you should start using an eye cream. Adding eye cream to the list of skincare routines is necessary because the skin in the eye area requires special treatment. Regarding eye cream that aims as an anti-aging, it should be used every day. This is useful for protecting your eye area from free radical damage every day.

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