iPhone and iPad Will Use a Monthly Rental Scheme What Does That Mean?


Here are the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro | TechCrunch

Photo source: techcrunch.com


Apple is rumored to be launching a hardware subscription service program for the iPhone and iPad.

According to a Bloomberg report, the service will be available starting next year. Later consumers can get their dream iPhone and iPad by paying a monthly subscription fee.

This step will be by Apple’s previous program, which offers various subscription services such as Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, and others in one bundle called Apple One.

Quoting The Verge page, Friday (25/3/2022), the monthly subscription price is not just the price of an iPhone divided by 12 or 24 months. The cost of the subscription is still unknown, but there will be an option to upgrade to the latest iPhone after its release.

And like other Apple subscriptions, payments are linked to the user’s Apple ID account, with the possibility of bundling in AppleCare or Apple One services as well.

Apple already has a similar program to sell iPhones, namely the iPhone Upgrade Program.

The program allows users to pay monthly to get the latest iPhone and Apple Care+ coverage every year.

It’s hard to imagine how Apple would rent out its devices. It’s likely that Cupertino, a US-based company just wants to cut out middlemen and expand its installment-based payment offerings to other products.


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