With the official release of the iPhone 13 last week, Apple has now made iOS 15 available for every iPhone user. The latest issue of the software was announced back in June in one of the famous Apple events held at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Since then, only the software’s beta version was available for tech reviewers and programmers until Monday, when the full-running version of the software was released for iPhone users. Owners of 6s and above models will be eligible to download and run their iPhones on iOS 15.  

To download the latest software update- Go to Settings > General > Software Updates.


Here are some of the top features of iOS 15


1.)    Focus Mode-

It is a brilliant solution for those who want stay off their phones while working or studying, but also want to customize their list of apps and people from who they still do want to receive notifications. For instance- while working on an office project, you need no distractions so you put your device on ‘Do Not Disturb’ which essentially silences all the notifications but you might want to receive emails from your boss or colleagues, or perhaps while studying you want to hear from that one particular friend or even your parents but not from everyone. Focus mode lets you customize the list of people/apps that you want to allow to ping you up while you are busy. It even allows you to customize the list according to the work you are doing, for example- studying, sleeping, working, relaxing.


2.)    FaceTime Links-

Although the FaceTime app got a bunch of updates, this might be our favorite of all. You can schedule FaceTime meets ahead of time using these links, just like Google Meet links and Zoom calls. And it does not end there! These links can now also be accessed by non-apple users, provided they are surfing on browsers like Chrome and Edge.



3.)    Live Text-

We all have come across this situation at least once, where we take a picture of an important phone number while in a hurry but then we get too lazy to memorize it and save it. No worries anymore, the Live Text feature will now allow the users to directly copy important texts and numbers from a picture and paste them as per our needs.



4.)    SharePlay on FaceTime-

iPhone users can now easily share whatever they are playing on their screen with other users over a FaceTime call. The list includes Apple Music and TV, HBO, TikTok, Disney+. Netflix and YouTube are out of the list for now, but we really hope they make it in.


5.)    Background Sounds-


This is an accessibility feature that Apple has introduced to mask unwanted sounds in the environment or unnecessary noises and help you to stay focused, calm, and stay at peace. When turned on, it allows you to play soothing sounds, such as that of rain and ocean waves. You can even set the volume and intensity of the voices, and they also continue to play even when your device is locked. A must-try feature.

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