Inventing Anna Come to Netflix in Drama Miniseries

The fraudster case of Anna Delvey comes to Netflix in the drama miniseries Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna Netflix
Julia Garner as Anna Delvey in Inventing Anna (source: Netflix)

The case of Soho scammer Anna “Delvey” Sorokin manages to attract Netflix’s attention in bringing the case to the screen. Anna Sorokin’s case is indeed very interesting to follow. At the end of the day, Netflix finally revealed a teaser for miniseries of Sorokin’s case called Inventing Anna. The sequence of this scam is told from a journalist’s viewpoint.

The origin of Anna “Delvey”

Anna Delvey or actually Anna Sorokin is a Russian girl who later moved to Germany. She had studied in London before she decided to move to New York City. Instead of finishing her study, she moved to New York City and work in Vanity Fair magazine. She introduced herself in the wealthy society as Anna Delvey, a German wealthy heiress. As time goes by, people around her respected her and make a good friendship with her.

When the trust and friendship build-up, there Anna Sorokin began her fraud journey and take money from her wealthy friends. At the end of her game, Sorokin deceived friends, hotels, banks, and other services for $200,000. She was found guilty in 2019 and imprisoned in New York.

Inventing Anna Miniseries

The story of Anna Sorokin will be featured on screen soon. A miniseries produced by Shondaland with Netflix as the original distributor. Inventing Anna starring Julia Garner as Anna Delvey. Anna Chlumsky will portray Vivian, the journalist who investigates Anna Delvey’s fraud series. This invented case came to the service on February 11th.

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