Intrusive Thoughts


Intrusive thoughts, a terrible and unwanted guest in your life.


An intrusive thought is a thought which is constantly ‘stuck’ in your mind, no matter how distracted you are. Intrusive thoughts are often associated with OCD.


However, You are normal, not a bad person for suffering.


For those struggling with intrusive thoughts, it feels like your whole life has been engulfed by the constant fear, anxiousness, and worry caused by the thoughts running through your head.


For some people, intrusive thoughts can include…

  • Hurting people
  • ‘being’ a rapist/pedophile
  • worried about germs and hygiene
  • doubts
  • Relationship anxiety


and more.


These thoughts are so bad, that people feel like they are really like the thoughts have or will happen. These thoughts linger in your mind until they eventually even cause physical reactions.


The thoughts are obsessive and repetitive, they don’t go away when they begin. it’s without warning. You could be distracted and busy, and the thoughts would still find a way to affect the way you are feeling.


It is normal. You are normal. 


The thoughts aren’t real, and never will be. They don’t reflect real life.


Those are two important things to realize, no matter how bad the thoughts are, they are not real, and they can be dealt with.


To cope with the thoughts, it is beneficial to discover a way to distract yourself immediately when you feel the intrusive thought beginning.


Learning to accept the thoughts and mentally telling yourself “you agree”, can help you overcome/cope with them better as your brain can’t use the thought to make you fearful anymore. 


But, the thoughts are not permanent and there is a way out. So if you are reading this, feeling desperate for answers, the same as I have done many times before hopefully, this has put your mind at ease.



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