Friday, December 3, 2021

Instagram Stories’ “Add Yours” Feature Can Be A Media to Steal Your Personal Data!

Instagram’s Add Yours feature is currently being used. This feature is being tested in Indonesia and Japan since last October. Interestingly, this feature is quickly becoming a trend in Indonesia. Instagram users can start the challenge by sharing a video or photo via Instagram Stories. Then followers can reply to the challenge by sharing photos or videos according to the topic of the challenge.

However, it turns out that this feature can also have a dangerous impact if you are not careful and wise in using it. The reason is, the Add Yours sticker can be a medium to steal personal data through the challenges that are trending on Instagram.

The challenge can be a “trap” to share personal things. If the Instagram account is set to be public, then other people (other than followers) can also see replies from participants who took part in the Add Yours challenge. This is an opportunity for people who want to steal personal data and use it for bad things.

For example, there is a challenge that challenges Instagram users to share their current location, city of residence, child’s name, age and date of birth. In addition, there are also challenges that ask to share nicknames and others.

This information is classified as small information that can be used for profiling. The more information that is shared on this trend, the easier profiling will be. It also means that there is a greater chance that fraudsters, kidnapping and extortion will succeed in their actions.

Image Credit: Brillio.com

As reported by Kompas Tekno, Pratama Persadha, a cybersecurity expert from the non-profit research institute CISSReC, said that social media users should share information related to personal data to a minimum. Personal documents such as Identity Cards, Family Cards, or vaccine certificates should not be shared on cyberspace.

“Even as much as possible, people should not easily find out our address and our number. The risk is big, banking data can be breached,” said Pratama (KompasTekno, 2021).

Following trends on social media is not a crime, nor is it wrong. You just need to be wise in its use and be careful not to harm yourself or others.

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