Innova EV Concept Car Took 2 Years to Develop


PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) revealed that the development of the Kijang Innova EV Concept Car will take about two years, involving 100 domestic workers. Indeed, the product is not completely perfect. However, it has a big goal of escalating the capabilities of Indonesian engineers and developing national human resource capabilities in the field of electrification.


“The car uses the Venturer type Innova Reborn base. The development may take around two years,” said PT TMMIN’s Director of Corporate Affairs Bob Azam, Friday (1/4/2022).


“Yesterday, it was tested at the Technical Center in Thailand because the one who made and tested it had to be different. This concept car will continue to be used for studies,” he said again.


Interestingly, the entire development of the Innova EV Concept Car fully involves 100 people from a total of around 300 people in the TMMIN research and development (RnD) division.


“This is also quite surprising for us because it was trusted by the principal even though it was not the first time. When the Kijang was made here and adapted to Indonesian needs in the 1970s, it was also the first time,” said Bob.


By bringing up the battery variant, said Bob again, it is hoped that the automotive industry will not be disturbed because it only inserts the battery into the existing model, not imports which are then localized.


In addition, it is also hoped that the Innova EV Concept Car can communicate in the Indonesian market. That way, the needs and expectations of the market for electric cars can be granted when mass-produced.


“If you use that (imported) scheme, it may take longer,” said Bob.



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