“Inkigayo” Welcomes New MCs-TXT’s Yeonjun, Noh Jung-Eui & Seo Bum-June!


Inkigayo, a South Korean music program broadcast by SBS introduces a new lineup of MCs this spring on April 3, 2022!


The new MCs include K-Pop boy group TXT’s Yeonjun and actors Noh Jung-Eui and Seo Bum-June. Inkigayo airs every Sunday at 3:50 PM KST.


Previously, the MCs for Inkigayo was TREASURE’s Jihoon, IVE’s Yujin, and NCT’s Sungchan. This time, the trio consists of a fresh new dynamic with two upcoming actors and one K-Pop idol.


Every new MC for Inkigayo has a special initiation ceremony, which is a special performance of a song performed by the MCs.


The special MC stage for the new MCs was already released this Sunday (03/04) that was posted on SBS KPOP’s Official YouTube Channel.


The trio performed BTS’ “Boy With Luv” as their special performance stage wearing hot pink and pastel pink outfits to complete the look.


The individual fancams for each MCs: Yeonjun, Noh Jung-Eui, and Seo Bum-June were already released on SBS KPOP’s Official YouTube channel as well.


The Inkigayo MC trio already has a nickname, “준의준” (Jun-Eui-June) derived from their names “Jun” from YeonJUN, “Eui” from Jeong-EUI, and “June” from Bum-JUNE.


Fans cheered for the two actors MCs, Noh Jung-Eui and Seo Bum-June alongside Yeonjun as they performed well during the Special MC Stage despite being actors.

Yeonjun is the second member of TXT to be a permanent MC for a music show, as TXT’s leader Soobin was an MC for KBS’ Music Bank alongside Oh My Girl’s Arin.


Watch the new MC’s chemistry in their special stage performance here!

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