Indonesia’s Being The World’s Largest Consumer Of Instant Noodles.

Mencampurkan Mi Instan dengan Sayuran Bisa Menghilangkan Kandungan MSG



The results of the observations carried out by the IEB Institute (Indonesia Eximbank Institute), Covid-19 Pandemic encouraged various countries to implement strict social activities of social activities. To suppress mobility and community activities outside the home. And increasingly encouraging the tendency of the community to store food as a form of anticipation of extended social restrictions. One of them, is instant noodles, foods that are very popular in the world community.


According to the World Instant Noodles Association (Vienna), in 2020, Indonesia occupies a second place as a country with the most consumption of instant noodles in the world. But, Indonesia is under a combination of Chinese and Hong Kong consumption, which is 46.35 billion packs. While Indonesia printed consumption of 12.64 billion packs in 2020.


Fried noodles are the most popular instant noodles variants in Indonesia, with savory variations in chickens, vegetables, and shrimp. Especially because Indonesia is a country with a majority of Muslim populations.


The results of the Central Statistics Agency’s (BPS) expenditure study for the consumption of the Indonesian people in March 2021 revealed that the Indonesian population consumed 48 packs of instant noodles in a year. In total, Indonesia produced 13.2 billion packs, with an average weight of 80 grams per pack. In terms of price, the Indonesian population is predicted to spend Rp2,286 per bag of instant noodles.


In a year, that equates to approximately Rp109,728. This number represents Indonesia’s expected per capita consumption of instant noodles in 2021.


Meanwhile, BPS noted, Indonesia’s instant noodle export volume of 2020 reached US $ 271.337 million, but to the US $ 227.093 million in 2021.


According to the findings of a survey performed by Trailer Park Group Variety (TPG) / Variety Intelligence Covid Platform Covid Impact Study, the productive age group in the United States watched more TV, cinema, and other digital media during the pandemic period. This also increases the consumption of instant noodles, which are a form of food that is quickly made and consumed when spending more time at home.


“Indonesia does not only consume domestically. Instant Indonesia has been exported with increased trends including the non-traditional market. In 2020, Indonesia’s total instant noodle exports reached US $ 271.34 million, an increase of 22.96% year On-year (YoY) from 2019 worth US $ 220.7 million, ” said the Head of Division IEB Institute LPEI Rini Satriani in a publication on the official LPEI website, quoted Tuesday (25/2/2022).


IEB noted Indonesia’s 2020 instant noodle exports were mostly directed to Malaysia (31.40%), followed by Australia (9.84%), Singapore (4.70%), the United States (4.51%), and Timor Leste ( 4.25%).


Indonesia’s export to five destination countries in 2020 has increased positively and has been on an upward trend for the past five years (2016-2020), as evidenced in the growth rate each year during a given time or a positive compound annual growth rate (CAGR).


Based on the movement and observation of instant noodle export data in 2020-2021, continued Rini, there were several of Indonesia’s main export destinations that recorded an increase in noodle requests instant from Indonesia.


Among other things to Timor Leste (to the US $ 9.78 million), Cambodia (to the US $ 7.75 million), Taiwan (to USD $, 42 million), Vietnam (to the US $ 3.29 million), and Madagascar (to the US $ 1, 98 million).


“This destination is a non-traditional market to signal that future market opportunities are increasingly open not only for instant noodles but other processed food products,” Rini Satriani said.


Rini citing data on Trade Map data, Indonesia is a four-ranking country of the World Pasta Product (HS-Code 190230) in 2020 after China (17.55%), South Korea (16.75%), and Thailand (8.71%).


Indonesia itself controls 7.48% of the export share of world pasta products. Indonesia’s largest export of Indonesian pasta (2020) is instant noodles with a portion of 88.49%, the rest is another type of pasta (11.12%), glass (0.27%), and vermicelli (0.11%).


“So it can be said that instant noodles and other pasta products from Indonesia have a taste of their own among mi and pasta connoisseurs in the world, according to the LPEI slogan. Local worldwide,”  Satriani said.

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