Indonesian Drinks You Have to Try!


Indonesia with its abundance of spice and flavors concocts several unique local drinks that are refreshing and delicious.


Ingredients such as coconut, palm sugar, and ginger are used often in Indonesian local drinks and have become a part of the culture throughout generations.


Here are some local Indonesian drinks to discover!



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Bajigur, originating from West Java is a hot beverage that’s typically sweet due to coconut milk and palm sugar being the main ingredients. Bajigur is usually enjoyed with a side of banana, sweet potato, or peanuts.



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This sweet and spicy drink originating from West Java is served hot and is made from ginger water, palm sugar, and cinnamon – although other spices such as cloves, lemongrass, and coriander seeds can be added.



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Jahe or ginger tea is a herbal drink made from ginger and used as a traditional herbal medicine throughout history. Several spices can also be added to the drink such as lemongrass, cloves, cinnamon stick, and palm sugar to sweeten the bitter flavor.


Kopi Joss

Source:  Gunawan Kartapranata via wikimedia

Originating from Yogyakarta, it is a beverage consisting of black coffee that is served with hot charcoal put into the coffee along with sugar.


Coconut Drink


Being a tropical island, coconuts are abundant in Indonesia and usually served from the raw coconut or put into a glass with ice with chunks of coconut meat.



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Also a drink made from ginger is served hot usually in a big and wide glass with various toppings such as peanuts, bread, tapioca pearls, and sliced bread.

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