Thursday, November 25, 2021

Indonesia Will Maximize G20 2022 for Economic Recovery

It has been recently announced that Indonesia will be the upcoming host for G20 Summit 2022, which will be held in Bali precisely.

Indonesia will use the Presidency moment as the means to discuss global efforts in tackling important world issues, including economic recovery.

“The government, in particular, will also focus on handling the risk of inequality in recovery due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Minister of Communications and Information, Johnny G. Plate, in a statement received on Wednesday, November 24th.

He also emphasized that the Presidency of G20 2022 will bear a significant meaning and purpose to assume leadership in order to tackle such inequality in economic recovery across countries worldwide from the pandemic.

Johnny said that the government will keep reminding other countries of such inequality that has yet to be eradicated globally. Although on the flip side, some countries have seen positive development in economic recovery.

He stated that Indonesia’s Presidency for G20 is proof that the world has bestowed trust upon the nation to push the pandemic recovery agenda, be it globally and nationally.

Due to its stability and ability to handle the pandemic with more positive changes and development, the Indonesian government makes sure that they will use this leadership momentum to further inspire global collaborations and partnerships to end the pandemic for good.

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