Indonesia has been appointed to be Southeast Asian mRNA Vaccine Hub

Indonesia has been appointed to be Southeast Asian mRNA Vaccine Hub 

World Health Organization’s Headquarter. (source : CNBC Indonesia).

Indonesia has earned the trust of the World Health Organization (WHO). RI was appointed to build a hub or production center for the Covid-19 vaccine based on messenger RNA (mRNA) in the Southeast Asia region.

The WHO program is implemented under the mRNA vaccine technology transfer hub or mRNA Technology Transfer Center. The goal is to encourage the transfer of technology widely and quickly to several countries.

WHO said this program will increase vaccine production, especially in middle and low income countries. Not only that, the mRNA technology transfer program also provides guarantees not only for the Covid-19 vaccine, but also for other diseases including malaria, tuberculosis and cancer.

“Indonesia’s ability in the field of mRNA technology will help meet domestic or regional needs for mRNA-based vaccines as well as the development and manufacture of therapeutic drugs,” said Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Lestari Priansari Marsudi from the WHO center in Geneva, Switzerland, Wednesday (23/23). 2/2022) local time.

“This technology transfer will contribute to ensuring equal access to medicines so that we can recover together and recover stronger, recover together recover stronger,” he added.

Retno also said that PT Bio Farma would become an Indonesian company that produces mRNA vaccines. The company also acts as the largest vaccine manufacturer in Southeast Asia.

“Bio Farma as a partner in the country is the largest vaccine producer in Southeast Asia with a production capacity of more than 3.2 billion doses per year and Bio Farma produces 14 types of vaccines and has exported to 150 countries,” said Retno.

This program, said Retno, is a solution that developing countries need. By nature, empowering, strengthening self-reliance, and enabling developing countries to contribute to global health resilience.

“We really hope that this collaboration will be able to narrow the vaccine gap,” he said.

“This is one way to ensure equal access to vaccines and medicines for all countries, especially low- and middle-income countries.”

A means of technological transfer for the third world countries

As a recipient of technology transfer, Indonesia will later receive technical training on an industrial scale, procedures for developing laboratory/clinical scale vaccines and quality control techniques and related licenses.

Meanwhile, from the statement of interest in technology transfer received by WHO. There are many countries that have accepted this technology transfer. There are six countries from Africa, namely Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia and South Africa which were announced last February 18.

From Asia, there are Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Vietnam. While from Europe is Serbia.

Latin America is Argentina and Brazil which was announced on September 21, 2021. Finally, South Korea (South Korea) acts as a supporter of the training center.

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