Indonesia Government and Airlines Ready to Fly Boeing 737 Max 8

Indonesia Government and Airlines Ready to Fly Boeing 737 Max 8

The Ministry of Transportation coordinated with the airline to prepare a flight back to Boeing 737-8 (737 max) after the flight ban was revoked.

Through the Directorate General of Air Transportation, the Ministry of Transportation will issue revocation of the ban operating for all Boeing 737-8 (737max) aircraft in Indonesia after going through an investigation process and improvement in the aircraft system.
Director-General of Air Transportation Novie Riyanto explained that several things need to be prepared, including the issuance and implementation of the command of the brotherhood in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Aviation Authority of the United States (FAA), training preparation and implementation of simulators for pilots, and 737 max technical guidelines that refer to Boeing.

Some flight operators stated that they had carried out the commandment of the brotherhood for aircraft 737 Max, in accordance with the provisions of the FAA and will prepare for training and simulators at the nearest facility, namely in Singapore, “Novie said through official releases on Tuesday (28/12).

Novie also said that his party did not adopt the revocation procedure for the CB Stick Shaker, which can eliminate interference with the pilot, potentially increase the pilot’s workload, and reduce safety.

In addition, his party will also issue the command of the sudaharaan and issue a letter of revocation of the B737max flight ban in the air space of Indonesia. He also issued a circular letter to flight operators of B737max aircraft to meet all aspects of the brotherhood, operation, and security of the B737max aircraft.

“We ask that the provisions that have been determined can be filled with flight operators and to all flight regulators to commit to the fulfillment of the safety provisions, before the 737 Max aircraft again operates in Indonesia,” Says Novie.

Previously, Novie said it had coordinated with authority and flight operators from various worlds, especially ASEAN.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Transportation also conducted a technical evaluation of the change in the design of the Flight Control and the pilot workload evaluation for the Boeing 737 Max aircraft at the Boeing Flight Services simulator, located in Singapore.

“Until now, several countries have allowed the operation of the 737 Max aircraft. Following the development, the Directorate General of Air Transportation, is also preparing for issuing a letter of revocation of a ban on operating for aircraft 737 Max,” he explained.

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