India Bought Controversial Pegasus From Israel Says NYT

The NSO group Pegasus aims at many people so far in different countries. Image source: Threatpost

New York Times reported that the Indian intelligence Service bought a controversial high-grade cyberweapon – Pegasus from Israel. The newspaper also says the Indian government spent “dozens of millions of dollars” for it. 

What is Pegasus?

Pegasus is one of the most advanced spyware technology developed by an Israeli cyber-arms company called NSO group. It will work on most iOS and Android devices. The spyware will be installed in these devices with zero-click iMessages. That means if this spyware is sent to a device as an iMessage, even if it is not clicked or opened, the software will be installed and will start working on that device. 

The Pegasus is a controversial technology that, many human rights activists say, is illegal and immoral. Many countries purchased this technology from Israel, say New York Times. Though the U.S. buys this from Israel, not using it as of now, reports NYT. 

Pegasus in India : 

But in India, the opposition parties use it as a weapon to criticize the government. Regarding the purchase of Pegasus, there is a case pending in the Supreme Court of India. But the government has not yet disclosed the complete details of the purchase or use of Pegasus. 

Indian government cites security reasons for not disclosing the details even in the country’s Supreme Court. 

As the opposition using the New York Times report in both the upper and lower houses of parliament, the government will have a challenging session ahead. Immediately after the budget session, one of the main leaders of the Indian National Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi, has already raised this issue in the Rajya Sabha – the upper house. 

As the case is pending in the supreme court, it is up to the government to disclose further details of the purchase in the parliament. 


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