In ‘Our Blues,’ Star-Studded Cast Brings Together Stories Of Hope And Healing

MANILA, Philippines – Renowned writer Noh Hee-Kyung, and director Kim Kyu-Tae, who previously worked on the blockbuster dramas That Winter, The Wind Blows, and It’s Okay, That’s Love, are reuniting for Our Blues, a heartwarming new series.


Our Blues is an omnibus-style drama that will tell the connected experiences of characters living on Jeju Island. Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jung-eun, Han Ji-min, Kim Woo-bin, and Uhm Jung-hwa are among the members of the cast.


Writer Noh explained why she picked an omnibus-style drama: “I got sick and tired of merely seeing a male lead and a female lead in a series: “We are all the lead characters of our respective lives, but why is it that everything just evolves around two people in a drama?”


With a total of 14 key characters, the majority of whom are already established actors, both creators agree that connecting the lives of their characters was a difficult task. Director Kim, on the other hand, focused his directing efforts on the story of the series.


“Nowadays, we see a lot of fancy video techniques, or we tend to go for instant thrills and stimulus. But instead of going down that path, I wanted to focus more on the characters, their stories, and their emotions. And I didn’t want to force anything onto the viewers. I wanted to just let them watch and slowly immerse themselves into the emotions and stories in a more natural way,” Kim said.


A Story Of Hope


For the cast members, the beauty of Our Blues lies in the depth of each of their characters.


“People say, every soul has a scar. This drama shows those scars. Living life itself means trying to forget those scars, and trying to overcome those scars,” Lee Byung-hun, who’s playing the role of Dong-Seok, said.


He continued, “It’s a repetition of those two actions. Those parts will show through all of the characters in this drama to the viewers. The shape and form of those scars and challenges will be different. But people with wounds, and how they overcome those scars will be manifested in this drama in a touching way and impart hope.” 


Shin Min-a, who is playing a moM for the first time, said she felt squeezed to portray her character Min Seon-emotional a’s fluctuations. “I thought it would be very difficult, but weirdly I had an understanding of her character. I felt her pain.” 


Han Ji-min, who already worked with writer Noh and director Kim in HERE, promised fans that this new project will be “quite different from its kind.”


“[Writer Noh]’s shows don’t revolve around extraordinary people. It’s always about ordinary people whom you come across daily. But she paints the picture in a way that makes them feel special.… All the stories of each and every character were beautifully portrayed.”


This sense of community is the reason why writer Noh decided to have the series set on Jeju Island. “I believe Jeju is a place where the very Korean and local sentiments remain intact. In Jeju, the whole neighborhood could be blood-related, and if not, they’re still very close to one another. And their close-knit culture was something I could really use to portray Korean culture.” 


An Ensemble Of Talented Actors


Apart from the emotional plot, Han Ji-min believes that the cast’s chemistry helped to make the series more gripping. “This time, the soul-stirring feeling of writer Noh’s tragedies emerges in a broad spectrum of varied shades, not simply a single tone.” “It’s like the full package,” she explained.


“I’m in this production with senior actors who I really look up to, and some of them I’m already familiar with, so I’m extremely excited,” Kim Woo-bin, who is making his drama comeback after six years, added.


“And being in a project with so many amazing actors doesn’t often happen.”


“It’s a progression of people who live their daily lives, and the camera is just moving around to zoom in on one person after another. It closes in on one person, fades out, and zooms in another, while the characters are just going about their daily lives.” 


More than just focusing on two or three characters, the cast members hope that the viewers will be entranced by the bigger picture of the lives in their community.


“As we live, we get hurt and we are comforted. At the end of the day, we are comforted by the relationships we have with others around us. I think this is the point to look for,” Shin Min-a said.

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