In Malaysia, Motorola Solutions is celebrating 50 years of world-class innovation.

Kuala Lumpur, August 17, 2022— Today, Motorola Solutions celebrates its 50th anniversary in Malaysia, commemorating the company’s remarkable transformation from a small semiconductor operation in 1972 to a leading provider of mission-critical technologies on which the public safety and enterprise security sectors rely every day.

Malaysia has been a springboard for Motorola Solutions’ success domestically as well as a doorway for the creation of new solutions utilized all over the world, thanks to its diversified blend of highly talented engineering people and tight ties with future-focused clients.

To enable faster emergency response and greater incident awareness, public safety agencies such as the Royal Malaysian Police rely on a combination of Motorola Solutions’ integrated desktop dispatch, video managerial staff, and command and control center dispatch solutions, as well as equipping their police cars with quest voice information exchange and video systems.

Motorola Solutions’ video security and mission-critical phone and data solutions are also used by enterprise organizations such as MRT Corporation. Throughout the worldwide pandemic, the rail operators developed novel methods to employ these systems to prevent COVID-19 transmission while maintaining everyday service safety and reliability.

Diverse cultures fuel cutting-edge innovation.

Motorola Solutions Malaysia’s diversified workforce of 1700 people includes 1,100 engineers employed at the company’s research and development (R&D) center in Penang, almost 40% of whom are women.

The “Innoplex” in Penang is Motorola Solutions’ second-biggest worldwide R&D center, employing top talent in sectors such as industrial design, software, electronics, and mechanical engineering. The institution is home to a wide melting pot of cultures, including those from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, to mention a few.

According to Soloman Lorthu, vice president of Motorola Solutions’ Penang operations, contributions from diverse and inclusive Malaysian teams help provide various views and unlock industry-leading solutions.

“Many domestic innovations have been produced and supported by our very capable and committed local employees.” This includes the next-generation MXP600 TETRA radio, the MOTOTRBO Ion convergent smart radio and Android device, and the tiny Avigilon H5A Modular Camera, which offers superior video analytics and security in the most demanding conditions, “he added.

As we look forward, “Motorola Solutions Malaysia will continue to offer even deeper integration across its quest eco-system of voice communication, video security, and software technologies to enable the public safety and enterprise security sectors to achieve unrivaled levels of safety, security, and performance.”


By building strong links with Malaysia’s academic and training institutions, as well as joint research bodies in engineering, science, and technology, Motorola Solutions is also helping to create the next generation of industry-ready people.


p class=”root-block-node” data-paragraphid=”4″ data-from-init=”true” data-changed=”true”>The Motorola Solutions Foundation, the company’s charitable and philanthropic arm, has donated USD $725,000 to various charitable organizations in Malaysia over the last five years in order to inspire and inculcate the next generation of scientists and inventors while help integrate and equitable access in the technology and engineering fields.

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