Iko Uwais Shares His Experience in The Expendables 4 Production

The Expendables 4 is ready to hit theaters in 2022.

Mercenary Barney Ross will be back on the screen in The Expendables 4. This Sylvester Stallone’s franchise start the first installment in 2010 with The Expendables. Ever since then, the franchise was regularly releasing movie every two years; until the third installment. With 8 years gap from the third film, the fourth installment is confirmed to be released in 2022 and just finished its production.

One of the cast, Iko Uwais shared his experience being in one frame with senior actors. Uwais plays as the private army in the scene that will bring us into his marvelous martial arts performance; since he is a martial artist. A picture was leaked featuring Uwais is head-to-head with Jason Statham for the upcoming installment.

Reported from Okezone, Iko Uwais stated that he is so grateful that he had a chance to be in one frame with senior actors such as Stallone and Lundgren; he gained so much experience from them. Uwais managed to build chemistry with the main role, Jason Statham, they praise each other on their Instagram feed. He felt comfortable around them because they cherish Uwais despite his level of experience. Even the choreography team trusts him to make his own move.

Image source: Tempo

The presence of Iko Uwais could show the fans of different types of villains from the entire installment. According to Screenrant, Uwais’s involvement in The Expendables 4 could change the way The Expendables highlighted the martial arts in its franchise. With the emphasis on martial arts, his role could give more appreciation to any other popular action subgenre.

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