iFixit Teams up With Microsoft to Sell the Surface Repair Tools

iFixit announced that the company will work with Microsoft to produce and sell the repair tools for Surface. The repair tools for Surface are now available for purchase directly from iFixit.com.

Kyle Wiens, iFixit CEO stated “Microsoft has taken a big step toward making repair accessible to their customers, and their timing is perfect as Right to Repair gains momentum across the US,” and he added, “Having OEM tools available will give repair technicians the ability to help their customers keep their devices alive for longer.”

Image source: iFixit

The program launches three repair tools: display debonder, display rebonder, and battery cover. All these tools are Microsoft-designed and manufactured by iFixit. To ensure the quality, the tools will undergo strict quality testing and iFixit also pay attention to detail on the tools. These tools enable precision debonding and rebonding of adhesive for some Surface models. As the result, enabling the Surface to be self-repaired without breaking its components.

iFixit is a private company based in the United States which was founded back in 2003, selling electronic repair parts and also providing repair tutorials. iFixit also performs teardown of consumer electronic devices. The company is one of the most vocal supporters to advocate the right to repair. The company stated on its Right to Repair webpage “Repair saves you money. It saves the environment. And it connects us to our things. Ditch the throwaway economy.” Microsoft isn’t the first big tech company to grant the right to repair for its users.

Previously, Apple announced that the company will take the major step in device repair, but Apple is the sole producer of its own repair kit, and Apple’s repair kit will release in early 2022, starting with the repair kit for iPhone 12 and 13, then in the same year followed by Mac computers with M1 chips.

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