Idles ‘Crawler’, Their Most Hauntingly Poignant Works yet


Idles Posthumous Addiction

Idles newest release is their answer towards an introspection of trauma, addiction, and recovery all in a 46 minute-ish therapy session. Crawler (2021) is sounding fresh and distant. Talbot and his group manage to package the punk, and post-punk sounds captive yet keep their distance of not barging in your heart too quickly. This short duration of an album actually manages to make wanted more and more.

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According to VarietyCrawler is recorded during the 2020 Covid-19 at the Real World Studio in Bath and manages to team up with Kenny Beats as their co-producers alongside Mark Bowen. Idles march through the gate with your ear held hostage, and the result is the most energetic album that came on the last quarter of 2021.


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The sound that came out is an emotional croon of an opener through ‘MTT 420RR’. The distress of wanting, newness, and the bludgeoning low notes of Talbot’s vocal came fruitful as ‘The Wheel’ came on. Thunderous drumming on these tracks and a few experiments of lows, white spaces, momentarily blank, and part of the introspective sides. The energy that came from songs such as ‘The Beachland Ballroom’, ‘Meds’, & ‘Crawl!’ are meant to be.

The story of addiction in a lot of these songs, and yes, that also includes ‘Wizz’ who is a text message from Talbot old drug dealer made into the lyrics. These cycles of many many addictions, and introspection through it all, even an untimely drug-related ‘Car Crash’ act as a mortality moment. The fragility of a post-drug accident, and going forward from it on ‘Crawl!’. And the march towards the acceptance of ‘King Snake’. Idles has managed to do it again, and hoping that this is not the last.

Idles ‘Crawler’

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