Ideas On How You Can Start A Blog

In this article, you will find information on how to start a blog from scratch; you don’t need a big budget, just a laptop or a phone that you can start writing a content management system that you can use to publish your writing work on.

Here is the google definition of a blog

A blog (short for weblog) is a personal online journal frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs are defined by their format: a series of entries posted to a single page in reverse-chronological order.

Your launched checklist


  1. Choosing a platform and softwareWordPress

  2. Selecting a name for your blog- Go-daddy

  3. Select a name for your blog site- keep the title relevant to your blog or include your name if your blogging content is purely about yourself and your brand.

  4. Photography- Canva website where you can download free images to place on your website. I would warn you not to use other people’s ideas without permission, or you may face a lawsuit due to being in breach of copyright law.

  5. website design-I would recommend taking online courses in website design or using Go daddy, which costs £300, or hiring a website designer who would cost between £100 & £10,000 depending on their abilities.

  6. Initial launch content- have between 10 to 20 pieces of written content before launching your blog

  7. social media-Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms that meet your audience. Instagram and Pinterest are helpful if you are trying to reach a female audience.

  8. Get yourself out there-do, do not be afraid to start gaining contact with people on your social media to share your blog; take pride in your writing. I remember it’s okay to be afraid just as long as you don’t let fear control you. To quote Frank Herbert, “fear is the mind-killer”.



You don’t know what to write, and it’s nearly 8 PM.


It’s a new day. You are sitting at your computer; all fired up. You begin to type today’s blog post, and you freeze. The screen remains depressingly blank as you feel your anxiety levels rising- you’ve got to write something, but what.


Standard content- is the material you post daily, providing simple updates, reflections of what’s going on in your life or your topic, and titbits of news and information.


It’s what your regular followers enjoy reading when they have spare 20 seconds or so to keep themselves in the loop.


Flagship content- words as the big draw to your blog.

It’s the principal feature that represents your blog and the reasons for its reputation.

Maybe it’s a single post that went viral or a post that is considered particularly informative. It could even be a great FAQ.

Think of it as the blogging equivalent of the high street flagship store, standing proudly on a busy corner, supercool and epitomizing the brand to its core.

Even if you wrote your flagship content two years ago, you want to promote it on your homepage.


Pillar content- is solid, evergreen content that gives your readers value. Pillar articles tend to be tutorial-style articles of 500 words or more that give your readers practical tips or advice.


Generating ideas for blog posts

  • Research your readers
  • Look at your competitors
  • Write about what you think about
  • Write about what other people ask you
  • Hijack news stories
  • Remember no idea is true no


Getting started writing

  • Start by drafting your blog post
  • Write as you talk
  • Make your main points up top
  • Use lists
  • Use heads and subheads
  • Create space
  • Play with formatting
  • Breakup words with images


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