I raised the beast well: Reviews

*This article may contain spoilers; please be careful!*

Genre : Fantasy, Romance

This is one of the stories where the female lead had to suffer life difficulties before she met a happy ending with the male lead. However, what made it different is that as the story progresses; the author reveals that the male lead “Amon” is a celestial beast that can overwhelm even the human emperor!

The story started when the female lead named Blondina left her house and became one of the princesses in the royal palace. However, her destiny is still as miserable as before. She still had to live a hard life not different from when she was just a poor commoner. Not only was she tortured by her siblings but she also had to face the indifferent emperor who was her real father.

Fortunately, one day our Blondina met a little black cat in the garden. That cat was, in fact, the male lead in another form. From that moment on, they became friends and helped each other. Their relationship was really sensible and adorable as the readers can see that they were always close to each other. Amon gave Blondina a helping hand every time she wanted. This really made us the readers happy because, finally, our female lead meets her life savior. She is no longer bullied by people and starts to experience such happy moments after she meets Amon.

However, when the hunting festival started, the fact that Amon is the next head of the celestial beasts was soon revealed. Everything suddenly became complicated. Because Amon even has a higher position compared to the emperor. As a result, the emperor, who doesn’t care less about Blondina, yielded to the male lead. I personally think that the author really did such a great job to create a male lead this cool! He can solve any problem just by being noble and having a high position.


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