Hyun Bin and Son Yejin’s Wedding Photos are Officially Out!


On Thursday (31/03), South Korean Actor and Actress – Hyun Bin and Son Yejin’s wedding photos were released to the public via social media.


Son Yejin’s agency, MS Team Entertainment also announced the pair’s wedding through a press conference. MS Team Entertainment and Vast Entertainment released their wedding images through social media.


The actor and actress couple officially tied the knot on the same day that the photos were posted, after announcing their marriage in February this year.


Hyun Bin and Son Yejin both starred in the South Korean Drama, Crash Landing on You who both play the main romantic leads.


When the couple officially announced their relationship last year in January 2021, fans were thrilled upon hearing the news as they pursued their on-screen romance in real life.


Two photos of the couple’s beautiful wedding were released to social media!



Pink Floral Arch and Pure White Attire

The first picture shows a sweet picture of the newlyweds in front of a big arch decorated with an assortment of pink flowers.


They both are shown holding hands while smiling at the camera – Hyun Bin wearing a white suit, complimenting Son Yejin’s intricate white embroidered wedding gown.


Matching the pink floral, Son Yejin wore an angelic pink flower crown with the same flowers in the background.


Happy Portrait

The second image shows a more simple picture of them both in front of a white background, wearing different outfits.


Hyunjin still wore a white suit – although with black slacks and a matching black bow tie holding – smiling into the camera, while holding Son Yejin’s hands.


Son Yejin wore a simple white wedding gown with subtle floral embroideries and beads, posing with a candid open-mouthed smile. She’s wearing a matching white veil in an updo, holding a bouquet of white flowers with long vines trailing down.

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