Hyeri’s Comeback on “When Flowers Bloom, I Think of The Moon”

Lee Hye Ri, better known as Hye Ri Girl’s Day, is back with her newest drama after My Roommate is a Gumiho. The drama, which will be broadcast on KBS TV station, is of the Romance genre with a historical background.

Drama directed by Hwang In Hyuk and written by Kim Jo Hee. Apart from Hye Ri, this drama also stars Yoo Seung Ho, Byeon Woo Seok, Kang Mi Na, Choi Won Young, Jang Gwang, Lim Woon Hee, Kim Ki-Bang, Bae Yoo Ram, Seo Ye Hwa, Byeon Seo Yun.


This drama is about the Joseon era in South Korea. At that time, the alcohol ban was stringent. Yoo Seung Ho plays Nam Young, an officer for the Saheonbu. One of the missions in the Saheonbu is to take action against those who violate the alcohol ban.

Nam Young has come to Hanyang (the old name for Seoul) from his hometown to achieve success. He has an attractive physical appearance and is a person of principle. He then meets Kang Ro Seo, played by Hyeri, and is confused.

Kang Ro Seo is the daughter of a poor noble family. He is actually the breadwinner in his family. He didn’t mind doing lowly jobs for money. In order to pay off his family’s debts, Ro Seo begins to ‘play’ with alcohol during the dynasty’s strict alcohol prohibition period.

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The drama sets in Sageuk (Sageuk in Korean shows historical dramas, including traditional dramas, films, or television series) will air on December 20 every Monday and Tuesday. Don’t miss it, K-drama lovers!

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