Hydra Cap Returns to Marvel Comics

The cover of Captain America/Iron Man #4 reveals a villain inspired by the heroes.

Captain America/Iron Man is a five-issue miniseries where a woman, Veronica Eden, becomes the leader of Hydra. Steve and Tony try to track her down, but they face many villains on their way, including Hydra Cap.

Hydra Cap died during the Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Captain America run, but he was a powerful variant. He was able to trick the inhabitants of the Marvel Universe that he was the real Steve Rogers and donned a green and gold Iron Man suit for Hydra. With his appearance on #4’s cover, he may return.

Throughout the pair’s journey, they face new trials and their past at the same time. Cap questions his value as a hero, and Tony becomes an Iron God. They both have to face their demons to prevail.

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