How to Write a Press Release for a Company Template

What you will find in this article is the structure and content requirements for writing a press release. A press release should be between 250 and 350 words, preferably around the 250 mark. The reason why it’s best to keep as few words as possible is that readers are lazy.

When it comes to distributing information, it’s best to keep it brief and keep it simple. Always remember there are two big takeaways: the readers’ laziness and the structure of a press release.

Pear Lemon


Pear Lemon

Pear Lemon SEO

Deepak Shukla

+44 7877 994352


British-Indian entrepreneur started his agency in a cafe in London, and now it’s an international 7-figure agency.

What Deepak Shukla has to teach about starting an internationally recognized marketing agency using a blueprint and tools that have been created by the likes of Elon Musk, who created PayPal and founder of Tesla, Bill Gates co-founder of Microsoft, and other technologies and individuals that have paved the way for entrepreneurs like Deepak Shukla to become the businessmen and women of the 21st century.

Deepak Shukla endeavors

  • Running a digital marketing agency doing 7-figures a year (Pearl Lemon; around USD 1.1 million this year.
  • How I became an ‘SEO’ expert
  • Launching a SaaS app (Word Pigeon) and failing
  • Launching 2 Mac apps per month (Dr. Hidden, Dr. Cal pending) & failing
  • Buying businesses (I bought two (one is 7upsports), am cloning another) & failing
  • Raising 75k to launch an Ed-Tech platform in 2010
  • Business ventures through my 20s (Deep Impakt Recordings, Gobsmackers, Meet My Tutor, Studiobookers, The CV Guy, Haircut Heroes, The Pyjama Party)
  • Network Marketing Adventures (and pyramid schemes)

As you can see, Deepak Shukla Deepak has an extensive and successful skillset and portfolio of projects. This is fantastic because Pearl started with a financially broke founder only seven years ago but found success in digital marketing and the digital space.

If you wish to learn about Deepak Shukla’s plans and ambitions for Pearl Lemon and other projects, learn how companies can adapt to the technological, agile way of doing business and stay competitive in the globalized marketplace.

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