How To Use SYNONYMS To Enchance Your Vocabulary

What are synonyms?


  • A synonym is a word or phrase that has the same or almost the same meaning. Keeping in mind the language remains the same
  • For example, you can say the word important or the word essential.
  • Both words are from the same language. Here it is, English Language.
  • Concluding, Synonyms is a word or more having the same or nearly the same meaning.


How does the use of synonyms benefit you?


  • The use of synonyms provides your reader unique perspective on your text and improves your writing skills. Synonyms are highly effective in any writing, as such creative writing, as well as during a conversation.
  • If you want to make your writing interesting and vivid then synonyms are a way to go. Tired of repetition in your writing? Try synonyms to give it an imaginative view rather than repeating the same words over and over again.




You can find a table listed below, which has some commonly used words and their synonyms listed.



MANY Copious Abounding Multifold Bountiful Rife Frequent Myriad Manifold Prevalent
IMPORTANT Critical Large Paramount Great Influential Necessary Significant Relevant Essential
COME Hit Move Occur Reach Show Happen Get Enter Arrive
AFRAID Shocked Suspicious Timid Nervous Apprehensive Anxious Horrified Spooked Daunted
ANSWER Observation Report Resolution Result Return Sign Solution Feedback Comment
CHANGE Adjustment Difference Modification Shift Switch Transformation Transition Reversal Diversity


No matter you are a student, a teacher, doctor, engineer, designer, or whatsoever your background is from, enhancing your language skills is a necessity.


Get your hands on the basics of the English Language and watch how you transform your speech. After all, as they say:


when you open your mouth, you tell the world who you are, where you come from, etc.


So, make sure you give the world the right impression.



Learn some synonyms if you want to, but the use of synonyms is the fastest and easy way to increase your vocabulary. Get a dictionary, make notes, whatever suits you. Take the first initiative and the rest will follow along.


Save this article if you need to, but my friend, It’s time to level up your language skills.


Go for it. You can do it!!

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