How To Take Control Of Your Life:

What do you want to do time is ticking?


We all must face our mortality; our lives on this earth are incredibly short; if we are not careful, time will slip through our fingers like grains of sand. This article aims to help people refocus and use their time wisely to live life to the fullest.


Is there is such thing as work & home life balance?


The quick and straightforward answer to this question is that if you have a successful career in an industry such as a lawyer or a doctor, you have to be prepared to work between 60 and 80 hours a week.


There is a price for success; you must choose which is the most important, your career or your family and personal life the moment you make this decision which can vary from person to person, you will be able to prioritize your time.


Dr. Deborah Soh stated, “if you wish to have a successful career and a successful private life, you must learn to sacrifice yourself.”

I used this quote from the academic turned journalist to try to highlight the point that to succeed, there must be sacrifices that you can live with.


I’m not going to go into detail on this point but think of Steve Jobs and his relationship with his eldest daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs.


Plan your time carefully


There are 168 hours in a week with these hours; if you are working a typical full-time job of 40 hours or whichever hours you currently work, depending on your circumstances or work commitments, you can use your spare time to learn new skills.


Due to the explosion of learning resources and online learningnothing is stopping you, only yourself, from developing new skills in this competitive job market.

If you take between one and two hours a day and give up watching television and soaps, this could give you two hours you can use to read up on new skills or take part in educational courses.


Also, let’s not forget there are YouTube media that can show you how to create a blog or podcast and learn audio, video skills, and much more.


Start living your dreams but know your capabilities.


If you are going to start something, then start today, don’t start tomorrow by committing to make changes.


You begin your journey towards a new you and a brighter future, but you must have a goal in mind for what you hope to accomplish.


I will leave this final paragraph with a video of Jim Rohn, a millionaire, self-development coach, and entrepreneur.


I believe his words will speak and put forth a far more compelling argument to which I do not think I can do justice.


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