How to Successfully Create a Cover Letter in 5 Easy Steps

This article aims to demonstrate in five easy steps how to create a successful cover letterAlso, be mindful when creating the content of your cover letter.

It would be best if you kept in mind to match the job description criteria by simply matching your skills, experience, or education to the job’s requirements.

Also, one free tip is to ensure the punctuation and grammar are correct because computer software scans the documents for any errors.

If there are too many errors, your document will not see whether the recruiters are individuals or organizations that put out the job advertisement.

The software will also look out for keywords such as manager or technician.

If you are going for a managerial role or role as a cleaner, they will look for these keywords in your CV and cover letter; you may also want to invest in Grammarly or download the free version to improve your grammar and spelling.

Step one layout


At the start of your cover letter, before you begin writing at the top right-hand side, you want your name, contact information, and address.

In the opening paragraph, you will need an introduction, why you are applying for the role, and what you think you can do or why you would be suitable for the job role.

Paragraph 2 will be your work history or educational attainment, depending on which is most relevant for getting the job.

If you have relevant work experience and career should be in paragraph 2.

Four paragraphs 3 can be interchangeable with paragraph 2.

Talk about your education and why you have the qualifications for the job role.

Four paragraphs 4, write a conclusion on why you feel you will be suitable for the part but do not repeat the step for the introduction.


Step two introduction

State why you want the job role, where you heard about the job role, and why you are interested in fulfilling the job position whilst doing this.

Keep in mind not to repeat yourself throughout the cover letter.


Step three-paragraph 2

State your relevant work experience and history; this can be volunteer work and previous employment; you can also mention relevant experiences as long as they are relevant to the job role.

For instance, if you are going for a job as a builder or handyman, if you have the relevant experience either as an internship are a previous job placement.

Still, in paragraph 2, always remember to keep the paragraphs relevant to the job description. Keep the job description on hand so you can refer to the description whilst writing your Cover Letter and CV.


Step four Paragraph 3

mention your educational attainment from high school and university if you attended.

Also, mention any online courses you have taken to further your education, for example, if you’re going for a job as a web developer or digital marketer.

If you have qualifications through attending an online university or online college in web design, ensure their levels match the job offer description.

Also, keep in mind that the recruiters and employers must accept the online publication to fill the requirements for the job role.


Step five conclusion

Briefly go over the paragraphs and explain why you are the best person to fill this job role but try not to repeat what you have stated in the introduction to your cover letter.

Also, remember to say thank you for reading this cover letter, and I hope to be hearing from you in the future.




The introduction and closing paragraph should be no more than 250 words, up to 300 words, and the middle paragraphs should be no more than 450 words.

If you can limit your cover letter to no more than two sides of A4, increase this amount only if it has been requested to go into great detail by the recruiters and employers. Also, your CVs should be no more than one side of the A4 paper.

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