How To Stay Consistent In Reading Books

With the internet and social media entering our lives, it has changed the way of receiving information and being entertained without visual content. Since then, it has been easier for us to ditch books and, most likely spend hours scrolling through social media despite our long-last love for books. Here are some ways to help you invest in reading books again.

Know The Benefits

Reading will improve your focus, memory, vocabulary as it will also give you a nice break, away from screens that will reduce stress and an opportunity to wander through your imagination.

Spare some time for reading

As we always tend to put off things that are not urgent regardless of how important they are, making time to read at least 30 minutes of your day, will help you build healthy habits. One thing that will help you make time to read is by knowing how much you’re going to read. Let’s say you want to finish a book of 300 pages in 3 weeks, divide 300 by 21 “days of 3 weeks” that will leave you with 14 pages per day as that is what it takes to finish that book.

Don’t wait for motivation

Motivation is a temporary feeling that comes and goes constantly, in that case, it’s hard to depend only on it, but discipline, building habits, and going for it, is something you obviously can depend on, as it only requires your action, not emotion, by the time you will find yourself enjoying it.

Choose the right book

Choosing the right book is extremely important, as you will spend time might as well spend on something you enjoy. One way to find this book is for you, by reading the summary, “Headway” is an app that summaries books of your choice.

The days you can’t read

Finally, on the days you can’t read, you can always listen to an audiobook in the car, doing chaos or simply lying down, basically anything. I suggest making this your last choice and investing in reading an actual book first.

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