How To Power Through The Midweek Slump

We’ve all heard enough tips on trying to make Monday morning feel less like… monday morning. Although, at least that has a weekend’s worth of rest behind it. Meanwhile, the end of the workweek gets its motivation from the looming weekend ahead, of course.

What about midweek? Ever found yourself slowing down, being less productive, losing your patience, and overall lacking the energy that not even two cups of coffee before 10 am can fix?

The reality is that for most of us, quitting that tiring routine isn’t as easy as Prince Harry makes it sound. Therefore, how can you really balance your mental health as you drag yourself through the weight of yet another Wednesday slump?

Here are a few tips to make for a happier Hump Day.

  1. Wake up earlier.

This might seem like the last part of the advice you would want to hear for a day that’s already got you tired, but you might want to give it a try before you hit snooze again because there is indeed a method to this madness.

Although using this extra morning time for exercise may be the ideal routine, we understand that’s not everyone’s cup of tea or instead of coffee.

Instead, wake up early on Wednesday and simply have breakfast in a chance of scenery – this could be as simple as your garden, balcony, or a nearby restaurant (keep it close to avoid worrying about the commute time!). Now, add yourself a soundtrack; whether that’s soothing classical music or a sick beat to hype you up is entirely up to you!

This change of routine will not only give you time to reflect (pro tip: consider writing those thoughts down in your own journal), but it will also allow you to digest your breakfast better.

2. Make it your cheat day.

While eating healthy foods is part of the solution to the midweek slump, a balanced diet will still allow for some treats. Remember that fruit will be your most nutritious snack to provide a quick kick. Another option is to enjoy a reasonable amount of perhaps chocolate or chips during the Wednesday fatigue.

Again – this will not offer long-term energy, but the excitement of savoring these rare foods on Wednesday will help you look forward to the midweek.

3. Do nothing.

Well, not quite week is filled with a rush of chores – such as cooking and cleaning – and although necessary, they aren’t the most fun tasks on the to-do list. Consider using the midweek slump as motivation to get on top of these chores so that Wednesday can be dedicated for self-care instead.

Something as simple as cooking ahead and storing the food will allow you a little more room to fit a period of ‘nothing’ on Wednesday – perhaps a bubble bath after work will be just the correct type of unwinding for you to look forward to each week. Maybe even invest in professional relaxation with a weekly massage session on Wednesday nights to loosen up those muscles!

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