How to Mix Two Different Emoji

Emojimix by tikolu

How to Mix Two Different Emoji
Emojimix window by tikolu. (source: tikolu)

What makes our messaging more expressive? We often add emojis to our message to be more interactive. There are hundreds of emojis you can use in any chat app and some of them just describe what we feel very well. But, sometimes current emojis are not enough to tell what exactly we feel. You may be wondering, how to mix two kinds of emoji?

Worry not, now you can mix two emojis that really present what you mean. Tikolu features Emojimix to help you make another emoji. It is very easy to use, you don’t need an app to make your ideal emoji. You just have to visit, it can be accessed both from a PC or smartphone.

Once you open Tikolu, just click “click here to begin”, and you can start playing with the feature. There are two tabs of emoji, you just need to choose which emoji you want to combine from both tabs. There are face emojis and icon emojis, you can mix both face and icon emoji. If you just want to play mix and match, you can click on the biggest emoji below and click to shuffle. As you got your favorite mix, you just can copy the emoji and paste it on your chat or social media.

It is quite interesting because the result will blow your mind. You may think that ‘this’ emoji is impossible to mix, but Tikolu nailed it. There are various emojis and icons you can mix, trust me this is out of the box yet simple. You can find emojis that you have never seen before. It is very funny and satisfying, mix your emoji now!

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