How to Know if You’re Really Getting a Bargain in the Summer Sales

So, it’s that time again. The payday email has hit your inbox and advertises that your favorite store has launched its long-awaited summer sale. Often, an item you saw a few weeks or months ago has made it into the sale category, and you may want to snap it up right away.


But how do you know if you’re truly getting a bargain? Below are three ways to ensure you’re paying the best possible price for your item.


1) Check the percentage of reduction.

Sometimes, items listed as being on sale have only been reduced by a very small amount. For example, if an item was originally £40, and was reduced to £35, you may overlook the fact that it is such a small reduction thanks to the clever layout of the sale section.

Ideally, you would want at least 20% off the full retail price to consider it a bargain. So if the item was £40 initially, then you would want the sale price to be around £32 or below.


2) Check to see if the business has an outlet store.

Outlet stores sell products that have either gone out of season, were overproduced, or have been bought for a reduced price to sell on. Sometimes, these outlet stores hold the item you wanted, so it is always worth looking to see if you can get the item for an even better price.

Next is an example of a store with an outlet store. Shoppers can buy things such as £70 boots for £12 and £40 tops for £6. Pandora also has an online outlet store that they restock at different points in the year, so if you’re looking for a present for that special someone, make sure to check the outlet site first.


3) Buy secondhand.

Buying new isn’t the best way to grab a bargain. It is more environmentally friendly and cheaper to buy something secondhand through either a charity shop, a third-party seller, or a social media marketplace.

You can find all sorts of steals online, especially in ‘sale or swap’ groups, so always check to see if someone has bought the item and is listing it for much less than retail before going to see if it made it into the Summer sale racks. You may find you get it even cheaper than the sale price!

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