How to increase self-esteem during COVID-19

Regarding the spreading pandemic right now, many people chose to stay at home instead of going out to avoid the so-called coronavirus. However, today’s article will tell you some tips to increase your self esteem despite not being able to go out!

1. Start with setting a small goal!

People tend to be self-satisfied when they accomplish something even if it’s not that of a big achievement. So, how about we start setting a small goal like washing dishes, finishing small housework or sleeping earlier and then accomplish that goal? By creating those easy tasks and finishing them, this is the way one can increase self esteem by having a small success. They will feel bit by bit proud of themselves.

2. Always believe in your strength!

Even if your day is really bad, if you’re reading my article right now, that means you’ve survived through the hardest part of your day! It shows that you’re great and strong enough to go through that suffering period. And this isn’t anyone’s but your own success.

3. Writing down every small success! 

It doesn’t have to be a big accomplishment or something big but, instead, just a small good thing that you do in everyday life will do! For example, waking up earlier than yesterday or not drooling while sleeping anymore. The more you compile those small successes the more you will feel proud of yourself! The feeling that you will be able to do anything will soon befall you.

I would really appreciate it if those three tips can make everyone’s self-esteem increase!

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