How to Identify an Antique Item Easily Online

An antique item is anything over a hundred years old. The internet is a goldmine when you’re trying to identify whether you have a genuine antique item but you must ensure that the methods you use are legitimate and trustworthy.


Below are four ways you can get your antiques appraised for free online:

1)     Research by Doing a Reverse Image Search

The first method for identifying antiques is to do your own research into the item. If it is a family heirloom, then you may already have information on the item’s history. If you bought it from a third party, then you may need to do extra research.

Using a reverse Google image search is an excellent way to find the origin of your potential antique and find out how much it is worth.


2)     Ask the Original Owner for Information

If you can contact the original owner via the internet, they may have access to a wealth of information that you wouldn’t otherwise know.

For instance, if you have a chest of drawers that were bought from someone not related to you, reaching out to them may help you identify the manufacturer, the era it was made, and how they originally got the item.


3)     Use Reference Books and Online Resources

Reference books and online resources can help you identify whether your item is a true antique and what it may be worth. They can have illustrations to clearly show you what you should be looking for on your item.

Books can be available online through a virtual library and online resources such as specialist antique websites may help you answer any questions you have.


5)     Use Social Media

Social media can be used for more than catching up with friends or playing games. Facebook groups dedicated to antiques often have members that are experts in the field, and they could know enough information to have the answers to your questions.

Be aware of potential scammers or people overestimating their knowledge, as you cannot guarantee credentials on social media platforms.


Hopefully, you have found these free and easy methods helpful. Let us know in the comments if they helped you identify your antique item!

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